Top 6 Must Visit Historical Monuments In The World

The world is a beautiful place with lots of interesting places and things. These places are said to be man-made, and some are natural. Among the man-made things, there are some beautiful monuments. If you are planning to have a tour to these places but confused from where to start, then this list will help you to decide this. In this list, there are six most beautiful monuments of this world, and you will not think to miss the beauty of these structures.

Here are the top 6 historical monuments.

1. Tikal

Tikal is a place where one can witness the beautiful Mayan structure. This place is popular for treasure hunter ground. Tikal is a beautiful structure with many histories behind it.


Tikal is located at the ancient city of Maya Civilization which is found in rainforests of Guatemala.

2. The Temple of Kukulkan

The beautiful temple of Kulkulkan other name is El Castillo. The temple is built and dedicated to the Mayan God Kulkulkan. If you ever visit this place, then plan to visit it during the spring and autumn equinoxes. During this time it is seen that the sun rays strike the northeast corner of the pyramid and then they cast a series of triangular in shape shadows to the north-west pillar. You can notice the illusion of feathered serpent crawling down on the edges of the pyramid.

The Temple of Kulkulkan is located in Tinum Municipality, Mexico.

3. The Parthenon

The third beautiful monuments are the Parthenon. This monument is famous in whole Europe. The Parthenon is built during the 5th century BC. The temple that was built in this place was dedicated to Greek Goddess Athena. It was built during the Athenian Empire which is around 447 BC.

You can find this beautiful historical monument in Athens, Greece.

4. Sukhothai

Sukhothai city was one of the beautiful city and also the capital of the great kingdom of Sukhothai. This place was built during the 13th century C.E. The meaning of Sukhothai was Dawn of Happiness.

This beautiful place is located in north-central Thailand. Around this place, you can also witness some other historical places and temples.

5. Volubilis

The amazing city of Volubilis was said to be the capital of the then mighty kingdom of Mauretania. This city was built during the 3rd Century B.C. This beautiful city was founded in excavation during the French Morocco regime between 1912 to 1956.

If you want to visit this beautiful place, then you have to head to Morocco. This place lies on a fertile agricultural land located on Jebel Zerhoun which is about 30 km north of Meknes.

6. Petra

This mind-blowing place was built during 312 BC. This place was earlier termed as the capital of Arab Nabeteans. The other name of this place is known as Rose City, and it got its name from the color of stone that is used in these structures.

Petra lies in Jordan. It is about 115 miles south-west of Amman.
These are the top 6 beautiful monuments that one needs to visit once in the lifetime. You will surely be mesmerized by the beauty of this place and will never forget these beautiful monuments in your life.